This Woman Builds A Tiny Home For Her Wild Bird Friend

Jada Fitch is a Portland-based artist and illustrator. She is also a self-professed "birder" who not only enjoys bird watching, but also making tiny houses for her wild friends.


The Saddest Cat In The World Has 24 Hours Before He Was Scheduled To Be Put Down, Then He’s Scooped Up By An Angel

When he was brought to a shelter in British Columbia, BenBen was badly injured. Then a woman came into the shelter and took him home.


This Barbershop Is Cutting Prices For Kids Who Read Out Loud During Appointments

The barbershop is called The Fuller Cut. It has recently started doing its part to promote childhood literacy. It encourages children to read in an amusing way.


15 Hilarious Photos of Celebrities’ Awkward First Time On The Red Carpet

Celebrities' looks at their first ever red carpet event are so funny and awkward that you really wanna see them again.


Obese Student Who Lost 145lbs Now Rejecting The Bullies Who Want To Date Her

Emma Pope is a 23-year-old student from Texas. She was relentlessly bullied because of her weight for years. She was once yelled that she should get her "fat ass off the court" during a volleyball game. After that, she began working out and bettering her self. Her work is certainly paid off. Click through to see Emma's amazing transformation.


This Man Made His Wife A Real-Life Harry Potter Pensieve Full Of Happy Memories

When this man's wedding was getting closer, he was wracking his brain to think up the perfect present for his wife. Both of them are big Harry Potter fans, so he turned to the Wizarding World for inspiration.


25 Of The Best Parent And Child Halloween Costume Ideas Ever

Halloween is by far the best festival ever. Not only you get various of delicious candy, but it is a sanctioned day to dress up whatever you like. If you have a little kid, there is definitely no excuse to ignore Halloween. Below are 25 of our favorite parent & child Halloween costumes to get you in the spooky spirit.