This One Photo Just Proved How Unfair Usain Bolt’s Dominance Is

The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, finished the men’s 100-meter semi-final just 30 minutes before winning gold in the final. He ran like a breeze past his competitors with absolute ease, and even turned his head and gave them a cheeky smile.


Teen Shooter Brings Home The First Gold Medal For The US – Haters Gonna Hate

The very first Olympic gold medalist in Rio is an American girl with a gun. Then the anti-gun crowd is already throwing a fit all over the Internet.


American Simone Manuel Speaks Out On Police Brutality, Race After Earning Olympic Gold

Simone Manuel makes the history and becomes the first African-American female to win an Olympic individual swimming medal. However, the 100-meter freestyle wasn't the only race on her mind.


Matthew McConaughey Tells You 10 Faces You Make While Watching The Olympics

The faces Matthew McConaughey made during Monday night's swim finals is a perfect illustration of us watching the Olympic Games.


How This Abandoned Girl Is Tempered Into The World’s Best Athlete

Simone Biles, a 19-year-old gymnast of the USA, has already laid her mark in gymnastics world championship history.


20 Unbelievably Creepy Pictures of 5 Forgotten Olympic Villages

Olympic Games Rio 2016, Olympic Games Beijing 2008, 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens


13 Weird Competitions You Would Not Believe

Some bizarre competitions are taking the world by storm! Why not try them out?

Top 5 Paid College Football Coaches In 2015

Top 5 Paid College Football Coaches In 2015

College football is a great business, and coaching salaries seem to increase each year remarkably. According to the income figures from USA Today, the 5 highest-paid coaches made more than $30.5 million this past season.


Haze Kware’s Photo Project – Dance Life in Movement

Haze Kware initiated a photo project “Dance Life in Movement".