A Pair Of Pants Just Threw Downing Street Into Chaos

Nicky Morgan has come under fire for criticizing Theresa May over her £995 of leather trousers.


A New Conspiracy Theory: Hillary Clinton Cheated At The Debate

A new conspiracy theory emerges that Hillary Clinton cheated at Monday’s presidential debate by wearing a hidden device.


This Little Boy Grew His Hair Out For Two Years To Donate It To Children Fighting Cancer

Two years ago, when Thomas Moore saw his mother watching a video about a girl who had lost her hair in her fight against cancer, he developed a plan. This almost 8-year-old boy decided to start growing his hair out for the kids who had lost their hair. As you can see from the photos in the following, Thomas grew a pretty impressive amount of hair!


She Buried Her Husband, But What Happened Next Day Made Chilled Her Bones

Family was stunned to find beloved veteran's grave washed away.


So Awesome! The Kid Just Became The Coolest Kid In The Cafeteria

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World’s Top 10 Highest Paid Actresses Of 2016

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9 Doppelgangers Of Celebrities That Attended The Summer Olympics In Rio 2016

Don't be surprised when you find these celebrities competing in Olympics Rio, it's actually their athletic doppelgangers.


This One Photo Just Proved How Unfair Usain Bolt’s Dominance Is

The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, finished the men’s 100-meter semi-final just 30 minutes before winning gold in the final. He ran like a breeze past his competitors with absolute ease, and even turned his head and gave them a cheeky smile.


Teen Shooter Brings Home The First Gold Medal For The US – Haters Gonna Hate

The very first Olympic gold medalist in Rio is an American girl with a gun. Then the anti-gun crowd is already throwing a fit all over the Internet.


Matthew McConaughey Tells You 10 Faces You Make While Watching The Olympics

The faces Matthew McConaughey made during Monday night's swim finals is a perfect illustration of us watching the Olympic Games.