“Flashlight” By Jessie J And A Philippine fan Zendee Will Make Your Feel Gooseflesh

The chorus “Flashlight” by Jessie J and her fan sounds so beautiful.

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These 3 Junior High Girls Voice Left Me Speechless

These tween girls decided to show off their rock prowess and perfectly cover one of the most legendary Metallica songs of all time.


A Butterfly Is Attracted By The Beautiful Music. Such A Magical Thing To Happen During Competition!

A black butterfly is attracted by the beautiful sound of Yukie Ota's flute and it lands directly on her nose.


Hitting The Pipe Makes The Greatest Tune! Dude This Is So Cool!

The impressive music was made by hitting PVC pipes with flip flops. Pretty awesome!


Enjoy Two Japanese Musicians Playing Mozart’s Turkish March Through Bowls And Spoons

The two musicians from Japan dramatically recreated Turkish March by taping a handful of bowls.

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3-Year-Old Boy Plays The Drum And Leads An Orchestra. This Kid Is Genius!

This adorable little boy called Lyonya Shilovsky from Russia is absolutely an incredible drummer!